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  1. How do I qualify for an auto loan?
    Basic Qualifications:

    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Monthly provable income of at least $1500/month
    • Able to obtain full-coverage auto insurance
    • Full-time employment or a fixed income for the   length of the loan
    • A working phone or cell phone number
    • Proof of residence, such as a utility bill
  2. What is the minimum down payment?
    Down payment is based partly on your credit situation and partly on the vehicle you desire to purchase. Generally, it is a minimum of $1000 or 10% of the vehicle purchase price.
  1. What is my Interest Rate?
    We do not decide your rate. The bank that approves your loan decides the rate. It is all based on the structure of the loan, such as:

    • Down Payment
    • Price
    • Length of the Loan
    • Credit Score
    • Vehicle
  2. How soon will I know if I am approved?
    As soon as you fill out your quick application, we will start working to get you a loan. Most loans are approved the Same Day!
  3. What makes Fabre Finance different from the rest?
    We have an entire department dedicated to nothing but Special Financing. Its sole responsibility is working with customers with less than perfect credit.